Impress Your Date with 5 Romantic Dishes

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La Vie is located in Washington, DC on the 5th floor of The Wharf.  We specialize in fine dining and we serve a variety of authentic, coastal recipes influenced by the flavors of the Mediterranean. Come by, see our beautiful venue, and allow us to do all the work when it comes to impressing your date. All five dishes are currently available on our dinner menu.

1.   Steak with Pomme Frites

Nothing is classically romantic like a New York Strip steak with a side of “pomme frites”, or french fries. If you are not familiar with the different cuts of steak, a New York Strip steak is a good choice to eat on a date because it isn’t the extremely thick steak you’re thinking of. You will be able to enjoy your steak dinner without the excessive chewing and steak-cutting. Our steak comes with a white bearnaise sauce and also a chimichurri sauce, which is a green sauce made fresh with olive oil, parsley, and garlic.


2.   New Zealand Lamb Chops

The people have voted, and they love our lamb chops. (Check out the social proof). Their presentation is flawless, and their flavor is out-of-this-world. If you’re all about presentation and taste, your date will be pleased after we bring out the lamb chops, which stand erect like a castle and are served with tzatziki sauce, a traditional Mediterranean yogurt flavored with lemon and dill


3.   Whole Branzino

What’s a Branzino, you ask? A Branzino is a fish commonly found in the Mediterranean waters, also known as the European Sea Bass. Nothing tells your mate “I love you” more than this imported delicacy. We’ve seasoned it with tomatoes, artichokes, clams and beurre blanc, which is a flavorful butter sauce. It will impress your date to the moon and back if you are able to explain what beurre blanc is. And please- no Googling at the dinner table!


4.   Seafood Linguini

If you’re in the mood for some pasta, our Seafood Linguini is super romantic. Our linguini noodles are served with clams, muscles and jumbo shrimp. Woo your date with this nautical pasta dish served with diavolo sauce, which is the “seafood version” of the red sauce you might have with spaghetti and meatballs. Diavolo sauce is seasoned with crushed red pepper and parsley and will bring out the savory notes in the muscles, clams, and shrimp.


5.   Lobster Ravioli

Rich in flavor and seasoned with brandy, our Lobster Ravioli is nothing short of a masterpiece. Treat your honey to this seaside entree, and they will be yours forever. The lobster we use for this dish is from Maine, so it’s locally sourced in the United States. This is sure to be a talking point- you can tell your date that you are supporting local fisherman by eating this lobster. We’ve also added ricotta cheese, spinach and lobster bisque to this spectacular dish.


We’re looking forward to seeing you for dinner here at La Vie,  on the 5th Floor of The Wharf. Please contact us for reservations. Our menus are available here.

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